Banque J. Safra (Monaco) S.A.

Pierfilippo Castellano, Chairman
“For its competitors, the Monte Carlo Masters, the “competition of competitions,” represents the pursuit of excellence, a desire to meet new challenges and the exceeding of their personal limits.
Dedicated to finding the best investment products and services for its customers while being constantly attentive to their needs, the Banque Safra recognizes its own strengths in these values. We our proud to support this exceptional event.”

Monte-Carlo SBM

Jean-Luc Biamonti, Managing Director

Champagne Deutz

Fabrice Rosset, Chairman
“Music and champagne share many points in common, the most important of which is the quest for harmony.
Just like a conductor, the cellar master uses notes to create the perfect work, and they both exercise their art with the same passion.
Deutz, founded in 1838, did not have to look far to find the very special characteristics it shares in common with the Voice Masters.
The Champagne Amour de Deutz (Jeroboam) was a very natural choice to reward the talent of the competition’s most recent winner, while the Magums de Brut Classic got the gala evening off to a sparkling start at the Hôtel de Paris.”



Register now for the upcoming Monte Carlo Music Masters session. To register, please complete the form directly online, or download the pdf document to be printed and send to us by mail. Deadline for registration : March 31st , 2020 The draw

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